White oval ~1900 photography ~

~1900 photography ~
~ Aswure ist 44~
I wanted to save this photo for later on… a bit odd. I wanted to wait with showing this photograph because I liked it so much for this series. Which then makes no sense. I like the photograph and would wait to share it?

I still have about seven photographs to make in the series 1900 photography. This white oval one starts to capture what I see in those old photo’s which were made in 1900.

Gimp treatment: Yes, it has received some photo shopping. I only had a sharp version of this picture ( the baby moved too much to take two pictures in the same way). So this time I made a duplicate in gimp which I blurred extremely. Then I could choose where I wanted the sharpness to shine trough by erasing in the blurred layer. And finally I added an oval to get the attention on the chair and it’s inhabitants.



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