Washed out in white ~1900 photography ~

~1900 photography ~
~Aswure ist 42~ made in an attempt to get that feeling of 1900 photography.


A very white washed out photograph, with high iso of 3200 is the basis here.
I shot two pictures one sharp and one out of focus.Then I used Gimp…  I put the out of focus on 50 % transparency and the erased the out of focus eyes. What happens is that the final picture has this glowing quality which can been found in those old photographs. The image has that blurred quality and sharpness that is only partly available in the photograph.
In Gimp I also  used a layer with white to fade out the arms and body. This gives it the same look as those photo’s who were made in de dark room. The ones which were made by cutting a hole in a paper and only letting the light shine through that.

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