My new theme is ~1900 photography ~

~1900 photography ~
I’m starting a new theme. This time I have my mind set on photo’s in style of the 1900 photographers. Trying to create the same atmosphere is my goal.
It may be that the clothing is in style as well yet it may also be modern clothing. If I alter the photo in any way, using gimp or any other program, I will of course mention this.
Hopefully I can catch the style without any digital altering. But to get the ball rolling I will not shy away from photo shopping.
Again I will enter 19 photo’s. Again the most likes will determine the winning photo. So give it a like I you think the photo feels like the old 1900 photographs.
My first entry is ~Aswure 33~
This photograph wasn’t in focus to start with. I did make it in sepia with a ddp from within my Eos canon camera. Later I used Rawstudio. starting with vignette, more contrast and lower brightness. I also sharpened the photo to get that grain look.

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