1900 style

What difference pictures of nowadays make when compared with the ones which were made in the beginning of photography. ( around 1900 )
Since I want to make photo’s who have the mood of the ones made in 1900, I have been pondering.
I want to capture the same style with my digital camera. And I’m reluctant to photoshop them.
Which is odd, because if I had a ddp style for my eos which would make the look older, I would use it.
As I have written before I like to make the right photo straight in the camera, and do little or rather no adjusting later in gimp.
But I have to ask myself …Why?
If my end goal is to make today a picture in 1900 style… what then does it matter whether I used a style from my camera or used a filter from gimp. Only my feeling is different.
Question: would it bother you? or do you guys see the style from the camera as the same gimmick as a filter in a photoshop programm?
ps. 8 november I have a photoshoot planned. I can’t wait to experiment with this concept of the 1900 style. I’ll let you see it as soon as I have satisfying results 😉

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