~ About Shirkit Victoria ~

My name is ~ Shirkit Victoria ~
With a love for the abstract, colour and composition I like to create.
Searching for something special in mundane things.
Looking at things differently, just being extraordinary.
Be it in photography, or the clothes I wear.


~Special Names:
The names that I give my photographs or artworks are created as character names.
Each artwork has  an individual name and therefor it’s own personality.
Each serie of photographs has it’s own name. So far there’s the series Iche, Usch, Wichre, Aswure, Gryphos and Sius.
~What can you  expect from me?
My artwork is for sale. See something that you like? Just let me know.
Or have something in mind? Commisioned work is always possible. You will get a unique, specially made for you, piece of art.
~Art school:
I got a degree in photography, film and audio at the art school “HBO academie voor beelden vormgeving” in Tilburg, Netherlands.
Apart from photography I like to paint, make clothing, live role play and photoshop my drawings.