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Wichre 93 istWichre 93 ist

A new theme. I made the choice to step into the extreme world of macro. Not to show every detail, each hair on a fly… rather to lose myself in other worlds. And these two photographs will lead the way in a theme of 19 photos of edible stuff.

Wichre 94 istWichre 94 ist

Been a while

It’s been a while since I posted on my photographical blog. Looking a today’s society with al it’s smartphone camera’s and which role photo’s play in social media… I kind of lost heart.
Really everbody calls him of herself photographer. And sticking out in this see of pictures is very hard.
Besides I see work that has more quality than mine. Or work that has less yet gets noticed more.  For a while I felt like drowning.

I started this blog to try out new thechniques , styles etc. Now I will return to the photographs which make me feel. Pictures that move me.
I know, quite selfish actually. Just making work that trigger a respons in me. While making the picture, or when I view the result.

Still I will make it 19 photo’s with a theme name because I like that formula for this blog. And it will make a challenge to get 19 strong macro photo’s working in a theme.

For all those that I follow sorry that I missed out on your great work!

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