~ Everything nutritious VIII ~

Usch 83Usch 83

What I noticed recently is that I love the colour orange in my photographs.
So to counter this I will add this second picture of the same lemon drink.

Usch 84Usch 84

Every morning I take a slice of lemon, hot water and a bit of honey as my morning drink. This works better than coffee at waking up. And during the day I drink it instead of tea. I love to drink this basefilled drink.

~ Everything nutritious VII ~

Usch 81Usch 81
Usch 82

Usch 82

 Two pictures that neatly fit in my new eating pattern.  Less sour,  more Base is the key  to this.
Which only means more fruit and vegetables vs hardly any bread, cakes, cookies, meat etc. And strange enough instead of eating bread in the morning / lunch and swapping it for fruitsalads is easy to do.